The Bailey Valve model B-10 sleeve valve has been designed to incorporate features that provide superior valve performance for inline flow control and pressure reduction application. Typical applications for the model B-10 are water treatment plant flow control, pump control, tank level control, metering vaults reservoir discharge and ground water recharge.

The Bailey model B-10 valve dissipates energy and controls flow by diverting the water path over a nose cone into a chamber that housed between the outer body and the sleeve/gate assembley. The valve modulates flow by sliding an outer pipe called the gate over an inner pipe called the sleeve. The sleeve is designed with multiple sized and spaced tapered nozzles for each specific project. The design controls cavitation by directing damaging implosions away from any metallic surfaces, thus reducing vibrations and noise normally associated with modulating valves. The nozzle are placed within the sleeve in a helical pattern that allows for specifically desired incremental volume change with movement of the gate.

Each sleeve nozzle configuration is designed for the application needs to produce superior flow and pressure control over the entire requested flow range. Flow passes through tapered nozzles in the sleeve and energy is dissipated during a mixing process in the center of the valve prior to exiting the valve body. The advance and retract movement of the gate is accomplished through two (2) drive screws or hydraulic cylinders located on each side of the valve. The Bailey Valve model B-10 is capable of flowing from 500 GPM to over 380,000 GPM.

B10 Overview

Size Range:

8“ (200mm) through 72“ (1830mm)

Product Category:

Inline - Straight w/ Pipe Discharge

Offers 1:1 Stroke To Diameter Ratio:

Provides better Flow control over short stroke configuration by increasing the sleeve nozzle spacing Reduces the risk of oscillating the gate on the seat under low flow and high delta P condition Allows for more cavitation dissipation inside valve compared to shorter stroke valves Reduces vibration by spreading discharge energy over broader range compared to shorter stroke valves High flow turndown allows the use of one valve in lieu of multiple parallel valves and eliminates oscillation off the seat for most applications.

Satellite Hardfaced Gate:

  • Provides superior hard surface edge to reduce high velocity erosion of the gate.
  • Creates dissimilar hardness in non-bound mating materials.
  • Provides gate leading edge hardness sufficient to shear debris within the nozzle.

Custom Valve Configuration:

  • Allows for flange matching between valve and associated piping.
  • Multiple access options.
  • Valve material options (Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel)

Actuation Configurations:

  • Electric Motor Operated.
  • Oil Hydraulic Operated w/ Hydraulic Power unit.
  • Water hydraulic from pipeline pressure.
B10 CV vs Stroke

Valve Function:

  • Pressure reduction.
  • Pressure sustaining.
  • Flow Control.
B10 Properties B10 Properties
dimensions B-10 B-10 Dimensions B-10 Parts
dimensions B-10 Parts B-10 Parts B-10 Parts dimensions B-10 Parts B-10 Parts B-10 Parts